Reviews: Working with Crystaline


I worked with Crystaline to find stories that helped bring awareness to the work Save the Children is doing in Nepal to rebuild schools post earthquake. Crystaline visited several of our schools and met with students, teachers, parents, and members of the community. She created a database of compelling stories that could help us meet our goals through narratives. She also identified the types of stories that had been successful in engaging our Nepali audience through analysis of our social media channels. Finally she offered practical advice on the types of media that we should use to tell specific stories. I really enjoyed working with Crystaline, she is professional and approaches her craft with enthusiasm and skill. She brings a unique perspective through her analysis of what works and what doesn't work on media platforms. We've already begun to incorporate her feedback in the new videos that we've created.

Julee Allen, Education Director, Save The Children Nepal


Crystaline worked with The ANKA Coop to identify stories within our organization for our first Kickstarter campaign. She hired skilled freelance staff in Turkey and the United States, managed the entire production process, and edited the final video. Our video was viewed 4,598 times during the 30 day campaign. This helped us raise over $100,000 surpassing our initial goal of $20,000. The funds will help us start another weaving center in Turkey for Syrian refugees. I was initially hesitant to hire Crystaline because we were several thousand miles apart. But she listens well and effectively guides her clients through the creative process, even clients like us who have never done a video at this scale. She showed obvious passion for the project by sharing the campaign with her network and even making a personal donation to the cause. I'd hire her again without hesitation.

Joshua Burke, Cofounder, The ANKA Coop.


Crystaline helped me create a beautiful video that tells the story behind the sustainable products we make at Resa Living. Crystaline was so patient and made everyone feel comfortable through each part of the process. We love the film she created. Since we've posted the video we've seen increased traffic on our website and our social media channels. The storytelling behind how we do our business has helped build awareness and created pride for the partners that we work with.

Theresa Bastrup Hasman, Founder & Designer of Resa Living