A Quest to Create

Today I turn 32 years old. I spent the last 13 years in pursuit of a goal- to become a professional photographer. The journey has taken me amazing places.

As I think of the last year, I wonder what adventure is around the corner? By next October, I will live somewhere else in the world, and this moment will seem a million miles away.

©2014 Christine Meintjes. All Rights Reserved.

©2014 Christine Meintjes. All Rights Reserved.

As a timely coincidence, I am reading an amazing book called The Happiness of Pursuit that has made me consider what I’d like to pursue in the year ahead.  I think it’s time to challenge myself to a creative quest to accomplish before my 33 birthday.

My quest is simple: Create to Opportunity to Create

As a small business owner, I have the amazing opportunity to be all things to my client. I am a photographer, accountant, marketer, research analyst, and IT specialist. I’ve had an amazing year of work, but I mostly created for other people. I’ve gotten away from creating with purpose, and this year I’d like to change that. 

I recently had an amazing portfolio review, and the biggest thing I learned was that I needed to commit to doing a project that is long, deep, and maybe even painful. I thought this blog post would be a list of items that I should be doing to improve my work. Instead, I have one goal over the next eight months- do a long term photo project.